Communication system

Total RP 3 uses several communication protocols. Some are home made, some are standard used by other Addons (like the Mary Sue Protocol used by MyRoleplay and XRP).


Here is the list of all protocols used by TRP3.

Total RP Peer to Peer Model

Total RP Peer to Peer Model is an open communication model, currently used only by Total RP 3.

It's the protocol used by TRP3 to exchange data between two TRP3 players. It allows to send any type of data, bound to a certain prefix.

Roleplay Broadcast Protocol

Roleplay Broadcast Protocol is an open protocol, currently used by Total RP 3 and Total RP 2.

It's a protocol allowing to send data to a maximum of connected players (also using the protocol). It's based on the connection to a common channel (typically xtensionxtooltip2).

For example, TRP 2 and 3 use it for the characters location on map feature.

Mary Sue Protocol

Mary Sue Protocol is an open peer-to-peer protocol, currently used by a wide range of roleplay addons like TRP 2 & 3, MyRoleplay, XRP, FlagRSP ...

The great advantage is that it allows communication with other roleplay addons that are widelly used.

Why not using MSP only ?

Because the Mary Sue Protocol is not an "extensible" exchange protocol.

  • You can only exchange string values. You can't exchange structure. (Not without serialize them yourself)
  • Each field must be prefixed with a two-characters long ID: the possibilities are very limited.
  • The public implementation does not work very well when exchanging huge amount of data.

This protocol was created by the creator of MyRoleplay, and we can feel the influence from the MRP usage in its creation.

The idea of a common RP protocol was great, but too bad it was though by one person without further discussion with other RP addon authors.

To be simple: MSP is more of a compatibility protocol for interacting with MRP than a real data exchange protocol.

Last updated on 12th Feb 2016 15:23