Beta testing Storyline

We provide beta test versions of Storyline for users who are willing to live on the bleeding edge of innovation and want to test the latest features and bug fixes we are implementing into Storyline. Please be aware that beta versions may be unstable and may contain critical bugs, even if we try our best and test everything before releasing a beta version. We encourage you to make a backup of your WTF folder (the folder containing your add-ons settings) before trying beta versions.

No beta version available for now. We should release beta versions for update 1.3 of Storyline soon.

If you no longer want to beta test Storyline and would like to go back using a previous stable release, we strongly encourage you to delete your settings by deleting your Storyline.lua file contained in the folder World of Warcraft/WTF/Account/ACCOUNT_NAME/SavedVariables/

Reporting bugs

The main goal of a beta test is to find bugs that could emerge from the changes implemented in a new version. So it is important that you report any bugs you may encounter while testing new versions of Storyline.

The best way to report bugs is by submiting a ticket on Curse’s tool. If you want to submit a bug, please check that it has not already been reported by someone in the already existing tickets. If the bug has already been reported but you see the issue is not resolved yet, you can always comment on the already existing ticket to add more information to help us.

Please provide as much information as possible with your bug report:

  • indicate your version number.
  • if a lua error window appear, please copy and paste the content of the error inside the ticket.
  • if the error occured while you were talking to an NPC indicate its name and location.
  • if the error happens with a specific quest indicate the quest title.
  • if you can, please provide a screenshot. Images are worth a thousand words and we
Last updated on 12th Feb 2016 15:23