How to import your existing RP profiles from another add-on

Total RP 3 has an importer feature, allowing you to import all your already existing profiles into Total RP 3 profiles. You will need to have both add-ons (Total RP 3 and the add-on you want to import your profile from) activated. (You can actually have more than two activated, if you need to import your profiles from more than one add-on).

Once you've make sure they are both checked, log into the game. You may get a message from Total RP 3 saying you should only run one MSP add-on at a time. Just dismiss it, it is okay to have both for now. Open Total RP 3 by clicking on a the minimap button and go to the Character section.

Character section

Then click on the Profiles tab. You will see the list of your Total RP 3 profiles. You should see the Characters importer tab on the top. Click on that tab and you will be presented with all the profiles Total RP 3 was able to find.

Total RP 3 will find all available profiles from other add-ons and list them

Click on the Import button next to a profile to import it, or click on the Import all button to import all the available profiles. The importer will create a new Total RP 3 profile for each profile. Once imported, the profiles are available in the Characters profiles tab.

Profiles imported via the importer will be available in your profiles list

Last updated on 12th Feb 2016 15:23