Compatibility issues with other chat add-ons


Total RP 3 implements a set of features to enhance the chat experience in World of Warcraft. It displays the full name of known characters in the chat frame, with their custom colors, it colorize emotes that are inside a /say messages, it formats chats that use a specific format to make it appear as an NPC talked.

In order to do all that, we needed to override some key functions of the game chat system. We tried to be as compatible with other add-ons as possible, but in some cases you may encounter incompatibilities with one of your other add-ons. If that's the case, you can report it in the comment section below this article. If we can find a way to easily fix your issue we will try to do it. You can also safely disable Total RP 3 chat features, without loosing its other features.

List of add-ons known to have compatibility issues with the chat module

Disabling the chat module

Total RP 3 modules are sandboxed and can be safely disabled individually without affecting other features.

You can disable the chat module in the Modules tabs of the Settings.

Last updated on 30th Mar 2016 12:14