Storyline 1.0


  • As we believe this add-on can reach more people than just the role-playing community, we made Storyline a standalone add-on, Total RP 3 is no longer required.

WARNING: Storyline folder's name changed when we made it standalone. If you had previous beta version, you will have to manually remove the old totalRP3_Storyline add-on folder.


  • You can now choose your rewards within Storyline. We implemented a nice UI that recaps the rewards you will receive. You expect the same behavior as the default quest frame (item comparison, CTRL + Click to preview item in the dressing room, SHIFT + Click to insert a link).

You can now choose your reward directly from Storyline


We added an option button in the bottom left corner to let you access key settings:

  • Text animation timing: a slider let you choose the speed of the animation (or to have no animation at all)
  • Auto equip reward (experimental): you can choose to automatically equip a reward if its iLvl is higher than what you currently have (this is experimental and disabled by default).

Change the text animation speed in the settings


We've made some nice enhancements to the overall UI.

  • Popup: We now use custom popups instead of dropdown menus for dialog choices. Nicer popups on dialog choices
  • The quest objectives now use the custom popups and are displayed in a nicer way, with indication if the objectives are completed or not. Nicer quest objectives with completion status
  • Animation timing: We timed all combination of playable races and sexes animations. Animations should now transition from one another smoothly.
  • Model scaling: We've started working on model scaling. This is a huge task and we've barely scratch the surface of it. Some specific models will be correctly scaled (male draenei and male human).

Bugs fixes

  • We hammered a nasty little bug where quest were available from the default quest frame but not listed in Storyline
  • Fixed an issue when several new line characters were following each others (Blizzard… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)
Last updated on 12th Feb 2016 15:23