Change-log 1.0.3

This release contains mainly bug fixes and optimizations. We are working hard on Total RP 3: Extended to bring you the best creation tools for World of Warcraft so stay tuned.

Insert full RP name in the chat frame

When shift-clicking someone's name in the chat frame, Total RP 3 will now insert that person's full RP name as shown in the chat frame. If you want to insert the username instead you can alt-shift-click on the name. You can also disable this feature in the chat frame settings.

You can insert someone's full RP name by shift-clicking on its name in the chatframe

Other improvements

  • Added short title value in our Mary Sue Protocol implementation so it can be filtered out by other add-ons (stored in the PX for prefix).
  • We also added a new option in the chat settings for how names are displayed to now show titles before people's names.
  • The toolbar buttons to show or hide your helmet or your cloak will now use the actual icons of your currently equipped cloak and helmet.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a rare issue in the register list.
  • Added missing eye color value in our Mary Sue Protocol implementation.
Last updated on 28th Apr 2016 19:34