Change-log 0.2.7

New features

  • New companion browser. You can now easily bind a companion profile to a companion by using the Bind button in the companion profile list. The new companion browser will show you all your customizable companions. Please note that battle-pets have to be renamed in order to be customizable.

Battle pet browser

  • Mount customization system ! You can now bind a companion profile to a mount. Use the new companion browser to pick a mount. Mounts tooltips will be displayed on top of players tooltips and a new button has been added to the target frame to open its description.

Mount tooltip Mount target frame

  • New anchoring option for the tooltip. You can now choose to display Total RP 3's tooltip on your cursor.
  • “At first glance” groups. You can now save your current “at first glance” items into groups and load them later.

At first glance groups

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the data broker module that was hiding the cloak at each interface load. Thanks to Elennoko and Arakara for reporting this issue.
  • Fixed an issue where information transfers were not correctly initialized between two Total RP 3 users on mouseover.
  • Modified companions tooltip to fix an issue with several languages. Thanks to Arakara for reporting this issue.
  • Fixed an issue with battle pet types using the wrong global string in the tooltip.
  • Fixed an issue with the Russian font (requires Total RP 3 to be set in Russian).
Last updated on 12th Feb 2016 15:23