Change-log 0.2.1

New features / Improvements

  • Adding mass action for companion directory (remove all, and multi-remove).
  • New order for frames in characteristics : Directory information - Additional information - Personality traits.
  • Changing some UI sounds.
  • Enhancing the personality traits editor.
  • MSP implementation module (see notes below)
  • Target frame converted to module. Can be totally disabled.
  • "At first glance" bar converted to module. Can be totally disabled.
  • New settings for "At first glance" bar.
  • Toolbar converted to module. Can be totally disabled.

##Bug fixes

  • The target frame refresh correctly when switching between profiles.
  • The "At first glance" bar is not shown anymore if the target character/companion has no profile.
  • frFR client Correction d'un bug à la sélection d'un battle pet non-renommé. Fixed a bug where all personal `notifications where sent to others.

##Mary Sue Protocol We now have a fully working MSP implementation. Total RP 3 supports ALL of the official MSP fields which is… well… more than MyRoleplay actually does 😜

Three fields are supported as "Additional information" on the characteristics page : Nickname, Motto and House name (as TRP3 does not have specific fields for them). But that does not prevent you from be compatible : If you put one of these fields as an additional information, it will be sent to other MSP players.

For the description, based on your template:

  • Template 1 : The text is sent without any texts tags (as MRP doesn't handle them correctly, still have to contact the owner for that ...) as Description (no History).
  • Template 2 : The text is the concatenation of all frames text, separated by a line break, sent as Description (no History).
  • Template 3 : Correctly divides Description from History (Personality is not sent). Also when receiving MSP information, it will use this template.
Last updated on 12th Feb 2016 15:23