Change-log 0.2.0

Companion module

It's finally here. And it's certainly not "done", but we are short on ideas and we must step back and let you test and tell us what you think about it.

Please don't forget to also give opinion on things you like, not only on things you don't like. 😜

This module development was pretty chaotic. We faced a lot of API limitations, and really put the best of ourselves to bring you a solid way to customize your companion. But keep in mind that some enhancements won't be possible.

But first, what's a "companion" ? For now, companions are Hunter pets, Warlock minion, Mage elemental (not tested) and Battle pets. We haven't implemented the Mount customization as a brand new API for them will arrive with WoD.

Here is the easiest way to customize a companion :

  • Summon your companion.
  • Select it
  • Click on the "No profile" on the target frame -> Select a profile -> Create a new profile
  • Click again -> Open page
  • Of course, it's not the only way. You can create a profile through the Companions section.


Selecting your companion in game is the only way to link (or unlink) it to a profile. You can't link a profile to a unnamed Battle pet. This is not a bug, but an implementation choice and won't be changed. By unnamed I mean that you must rename your battle pet and not use the default Wow name.

Already planned enhancement Mass actions in the companion directory Allows other ways to link a companion to a profile.

Known bugs

[FR client only] Erreur lua lors de la sélection d'un battle pet non-renommé. Missing tooltip on character register search button.

Several others changes

We also bring several global changes. But we lose track of them. Ouf This is a non-exhaustive list : New color picker Class color is now use for name color in tooltip A better visual feedback when changing the "Currently" on dashboard The interface uses sounds Changing the way directory filters works. Now you should either click on the search button or press enter in one of the fields.

Module management

As you know, TRP3 will be a very modular addon. Also in the future people will be able to program and share their own module (not a in-game sharing of course, we are talking about lua code ^^). So we converted the tooltip as a module. The big advantage of module is that they don't run silently in background if they are disabled.

Chat frames enhancement

We began implementing the chat frames enhancement module. It should works but this is out of scope for this release. You can test it, but please don't review it yet.

MSP implementation

We began implementing the Mary Sur Protocol implementation. It does not work correctly for now. This protocol sucks and I hate it. The reference implementation is a f***ing mess. I disabled the MSP module for the time being. But now you known I'm on it. 😜

Future planning

From now on, I'm planning to do shorter releases. We will continue developing "common features" while Companion module is tested.

Last updated on 12th Feb 2016 15:23